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UHP Projects is a world class, SSPC QP-1 certified surface preparation, coating and painting application contractor that uses environmentally friendly as well as standard methods to administer true surface preparation for many industries. Choosing the proper coating and application system is critical for the entire project lifespan while emphasizing Safety and Quality has been the primary theme at UHP for over two decades.

UHP PROJECTS, INC. provides Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water-jetting, abrasive blasting and other related services to multiple Commercial, Industrial and Marine industries for the removal and replacement of coatings from steel and concrete structures. The Ultra High Pressure technology allows us to offer our customer an environmentally safe and cost effective alternative to abrasive blasting and conventional cleaning techniques. However, abrasive blasting and conventional cleaning perform critical services also and are offered for those purposes.

UHP PROJECTS, INC. has specially designed ultra high pressure equipment for work on vessels at sea or offshore platforms. We have successfully performed work in many areas of the world including the South Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, as well as the contingent United states. The growing concerns over environmental and waste disposal issues, as well as the emphasis on cost reduction, are important concerns on many of our cleaning projects

Ultra High Pressure water-jetting is a rapidly emerging technology that is gaining overwhelming acceptance in a variety of industries. UHP PROJECTS, INC. is not a newcomer to this industry. We have been performing maintenance surface preparation and re-coating work using UHP technology for over Twenty One years. Our management staff brings over 150 years of combined UHP experience and over 100 years of combined industrial painting experience to every project. Our Project Superintendents have cleaned over 100 million square feet in a variety of industries, making us the leader in UHP surface preparation experience.

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