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Applying the Coating or the Paint is only 10% of the actual job, 90% is the hard work and professionalism applied during preparation.. It is how you prepare that really makes a difference and UHP Projects is a........

....... world class, QP-1 surface preparation, coating and painting application contractor that uses environmentally friendly as well as standard methods to administer true surface preparation for many industries, then choosing the proper coating and application is critical for the entire project lifespan.

UHP PROJECTS, INC. provides Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water-jetting and other related services to multiple Commercial, Industrial and Marine industries for the removal and replacement of coatings from steel structures, . This technology allows us to offer our customer an environmentally safe and cost effective alternative to abrasive blasting and conventional cleaning techniques. However, we still provide our clients with abrasive blasting and conventional cleaning as another alternative of our services. UHP PROJECTS, INC. has specially designed UHP equipment for work on vessel at sea or offshore platforms. We have successfully performed work in many areas of the world including the South Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, as well as the East and West Coasts of the United States. The growing concerns over environmental and waste disposal issues, as well as the emphasis on cost reduction, are important concerns on many of our cleaning projects.

Ultra High Pressure water-jetting is a rapidly emerging technology that is gaining overwhelming acceptance in a variety of industries. UHP PROJECTS, INC. is not a newcomer to this industry. We have been performing maintenance surface preparation and re-coating work using UHP technology for over eighteen years. Our management staff brings over 90 years of combined UHP experience and over 80 years of combined industrial painting experience to every project. Our Project Superintendents have cleaned over 27 million square feet in a variety of industries, making us the leader in UHP surface preparation experience.

As the leader in UHP service, we are continuously performing research and development surface preparation work to meet the growing and varied interest in UHP technology. As a service company, we are usually the first to become aware of a specific need for improved or innovative equipment. We have positioned ourselves to meet those needs by developing equipment which is specifically designed for surface preparation. Our commitment to the highest quality standards and our innovative thinking will allow us to remain the industry leader as the demand for UHP surface preparation services continues to grow.

By matching the advantages of new technology in UHP equipment with coatings knowledge and maintenance expertise our onsite personnel bring a high level of quality to each project. This allows us to bring not only the right equipment and personnel to each job, but also the service that makes each job successful.


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